Welcome to the Village of Mappleborough Green

The Village with a population of approx. 540, is well known for its three Garden Centres - Badgers, Hilliers and Castle Nurseries - all on the A435 near to the 'Dog Island' junction with the A4189 to Henley-in-Arden in the east and Redditch to the west. The 'Dog Island' takes its name from one of the two Public Houses within the Village, 'The Dog' with 'The Boot Inn' at the southern end of the Village. Just south of the island is a well patronised Chinese Restaurant 'Summer Palace'.

At the northern approach to the Village stands The Church of The Holy Ascension set back from the main road, with the Church of England Primary School half a mile further on near the 'Dog Island' on the Henley Road. This is a very popular school in the area.

The Village Hall is situated on the A435 south of the Dog Island. A wide variety of activities take place most days. Details can be found on their page.

The following is an extract from 'A Century to Celebrate' which is available at the Church, written in 1988.

It appears that a settlement of some kind could be found at Mappleborough Green from a very early date. According to Dugdale, the village was originally known as 'The Haywood' or 'The Grove Haia', which in 1201, Peter Corbizum granted to 'William son of Geoffrey'. In 1341, this land was surrendered to Peter de Montfort of Beaudesert. Until 1824 it remained part of the common waste of the parish of Studley.
Kellys Directory provides a listing of the main professions and landowners in Mappleborough Green in 1892. It shows Sir William Jaffray as the principal landowner in the village, resident at Upper Skilts. There were at this time a total of 9 farmers, 3 cowkeepers, a blacksmith, a wheelwright, a builder, a cobbler, a market gardener, 2 shopkeepers and two publicans. (The Holly Bush public house was originally on the Skilts estate). A very healthy range of occupations for a small village

Over the years the Village had a Weslyan Chapel in Haye Lane (now a private house), a Police Station, Shop and the original Junior School.

Ankcorn House Dedication Plaque

Ankcorn House Dedication Plaque

The old school at the north of the Village by the Church, was used up to the 1960's. The School House having been previously made in to two cottages, fell into disrepair until restored in 1983. The single storey School Hall attached to the cottages was later restored in 1987 and named Ankcorn House after a local family. This Hall is now used as the Church Hall for regular meetings/choir practice and for hire for small functions. The original School House and Hall date back to the 1750s.

On the north edge of the Village is Gorcott Hall, a private home.

To the north-east stands 'The Skilts' a school for special needs children run by Birmingham City Council. It was originally owned by Sir William Jaffray Bart who owned the land where the Old School was and it was he who commissioned the building of the Church in 1888 in memory of his wife.

In the field beyond the Church is a small reservoir used as a fishing pool by Needle Industries Angling Club.


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